1. What is the Polygraph or Lie Detector Machine?

The polygraph is an instrument of great sensitivity and precision,  it is able to record continuously in a graph the physiological variables that occur in the body of an individual stimulated psychologically by certain questions.

The polygraph is also known in popular language as “Lie Detector”.

2. To what extent does the examiner’s experience influence the reliability of the polygraph?

In polygraphy happens like in any other discipline, with knowledge, training and practice you can become a good professional.

Choosing the right professional is fundamental, the reliability of the polygraph in the hands of an expert reaches 98%.

3. When can the polygraph be applicable?

The polygraph can be applied to resolve cases of infidelity, family matters, theft, maintenance of trust or control of employees among others.

4. Who certifies our examiners?

Our examiners are certified by the European Polygraph Association and have obtained qualifications of at least 400 hours of practical experience by completing courses at the European Polygraph Academy.

5. Are there any limitations on a person’s ability to submit to a polygraph?

Yes, in the following cases:

  • When the examiner detects that the person to be evaluated is the victim of any type of violence, pressure or coercion.
  • Minors who do not have proper authorization from the parents or guardians and those are not present at the time of the evaluation. As a general rule, minors under the age of 14 will not be tested under any circumstances.
  • People with serious cardiac pathologies.
  • Pregnant women in an advanced stage of gestation.
  • Persons diagnosed with any type of mental disorder of a psychotic nature even when they are undergoing pharmacological treatment.
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