Lie Detector Services

Couple Issues

Our relationship specific test is ideal to resolve accusations of cheating, adultery or to prove or disprove sexual contact. Always in search of the truth for any client.




Marriage breakdowns

Historical problems can be proven and where there is an underlying problem, we can help as an alternative to marriage counseling. All this to always look for the truth and cause of the problem, which in this case is a marriage breakdowns


Private and business theft

Our single or multiple private theft test can be used to resolve theft in a household, amongst friends or small/medium business or enterprise.​ This will help you solve that big problem that exists every day against to the private and business theft



Employee Fraud

As an employer, it is important to resolve fraud allegations confidentially without damaging your company’s public image.


Dispute resolution

When a business partnership or employer/employee relationship we can help to decipher and verify truth and assess credibility. Everything to find out that the one indicated if he is guilty or is telling a lie that suits us.


Family and business disputes

In this case for a Lie Detector Services, we take your word against the other, from that we can prove and resolve the case.



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